Funding Pledged to Investigate Feasibility of Improvements to Hednesford Library

Posted on: Tuesday, March 19th, 2024 In: Council news,Hednesford news

Funding Pledged to Investigate Feasibility of Improvements to Hednesford Library

On Wednesday 13th March Hednesford Town Council pledged to support a feasibility study on behalf of Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust and Staffordshire County Council into proposed improvements to the town’s popular and much-loved library which is often described as the ‘heart of Hednesford town’

Using Community Infrastructure Levy funds of £3350.00, the feasibility survey will ascertain if the space at the rear of the library can be reconfigured, updated and improved in order to create a more useable space to allow for a larger community room and improved kitchen and toilet facilities.

A spokesperson for Hednesford Town Council said “although the building is owned by Staffordshire County Council and managed by MPFT it is vital that we support our community resources to be able accommodate the growing needs of our residents and community groups across Hednesford. Friends of Hednesford Library work tirelessly to make the library the fabulous place that it is but there is a lot of under-utilised space that could be improved to enable more groups, activities and business to access to library and utilise all the resources that it has to offer”.

The study is phase one of the process and will highlight what is and is not possible and provide indicative costs of any work to be carried out which will need to be secured from external grant funding. Liz Williams from Hednesford Library said “ as you know I am passionate about the library and its place in our community. This grant will be the first stepping stone towards improving its place in the community”