AGAR 23/24

2023-24 Annual Governance and Accountability Report

Each year, the Town Council has an internal and an external audit, which consider the policies, procedures and processes that are in place to ensure we manage the Town Council in a robust and transparent way.

Exercise of Public Rights

The Exercise of Public Rights is a legal exercise in which members of the community can request to scrutinise the financial records of Hednesford Town Council for the period of 2023 to 2024.

The period of the exercise of public rights commences on 13th June to 24th July 2024. The notice is here:

You can find further information on the period of the exercise of public rights below:

The 2023 24 approved by Council, unaudited AGAR return can be viewed here from 13th June :

Internal audit report for 2023 24 available to view from 13th June: