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Garry Jones

West Hill Ward


“Hednesford Town Council has a key role in bringing together public, voluntary and private sector bodies together for the benefit of our residents”

Garry is Chief Executive of local charity, Support Staffordshire, which supports and advocates for over 1,000 local charities and community groups.

Garry has a particular interest in ensuring the council’s resources are used effectively to benefit residents and to offer the greatest impact, and in ensuring strong governance that is fair and transparent to residents.

Garry lives in Hednesford with his partner and children, and when not working or on council business, enjoys our wonderful local green spaces at Hednesford Park and on the Hednesford Hills.

Paul Woodhead

Anglesey Ward

Chair of Regeneration and Community Committee


“Whilst being leader of the Chase Community Independent’s Party and a District Councillor I am inspired by these people taking national politics out of the Town Council”

Paul is involved in, well, pretty much everything going on in and around Hednesford.

Through his work with Hednesford in Partnership, Paul has played a vital role establishing the Artisan Markets, running the summer festival and bringing life saving defibrillators to the Town. He is a school governor, library volunteer and can be found most weekends organising litter picks and other community activities.

Darrell Mawle

Mayor of Hednesford

Anglesey Ward


“ I love living in Hednesford and value the beauty of the area, our strong travel connections and rich history and the people who work hard to keep it a vibrant, forward thinking and a good place to bring up a family.”

Darrell grew up in Chasetown & Lichfield but has now lived for over 20 years in Hednesford. His family run two businesses here and his children all currently attend Kingsmead School. His reasons for getting involved at council level stem from a need to help the community where he can and he has felt a need to “give something back” to those who need some help.

As an independent councillor he feels he is free to help everyone and can follow his own conscience on the important issues that arise from time to time.

He has served on the District council and Town council in the early 2000s and feels that that experience can make him an effective councillor and advocate for Hednesford residents.

He enjoys helping at the monthly Farmers Markets, Friends of Hednesford events and Town events wherever he is needed.

In his spare time he enjoys watching football, attending the cinema and doing Judo.

Laura Harrison

Pye Green Ward

Chair of the Pye Green Community Centre Committee


“Living with and caring for adults and children with varying disabilities and “Special Needs” inspired me to become Councillor to raise awareness of, and improve facilities for, others in our Community with the same needs”.

Laura has lived in the Cannock area since 1989 and lived in Hednesford itself since 2006.  Since 2007 Laura and her husband have run a local tree surgery firm and, since the birth of their children in 2008, 2009 and 2018, has been a full-time Mum.  Their eldest child is diagnosed with Autism and ADHD, their middle child is also diagnosed as Autistic, as is her husband himself.  Her husband is also partially deaf.  Being aware of the challenges that living with and caring for people with additional needs, as well as the difficulties of getting conditions diagnosed, has made her very passionate about helping others going through the same things.

Laura, along with her Mom and her eldest daughter, is also part of The Friends of Hednesford Park.  Laura has also studied and qualified to Level 2 in British Sign Language.