It’s our future: Have your say!

Posted on: Monday, June 6th, 2016 In: Council news,Hednesford Neighbourhood Plan

It’s our future: Have your say!

So here we are, the big day is fast approaching. Soon you will be able to have your say on a matter of great importance, helping shape your future and making your voice heard.

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And no, this is not about the EU referendum! There is a big decision looming much closer to home as the people of Hednesford can decide on the town council’s Neighbourhood Plan.
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Community consultation is a key part of the process for any neighbourhood plan and the town council is calling on residents, businesses and community groups to offer their feedback.

About the Neighbourhood Plan for Hednesford

This will form the basis for planning decisions applicable to the area, up to 2028. It will be a guide document that must be followed by the Town Council and District Council when considering planning applications, deciding how funding is spent and implementing the maintenance of, and improvements to, the area.
The policies set out in the Neighbourhood Plan will aim to address key concerns raised by local people. It will include:

  • Facilities and amenities
  • Housing developments
  • Town centre and outlying retail developments
  • Transport links
  • Green spaces and conservation
  • History and heritage

This video explains what a neighbourhood plan is.

Watch this space for the council’s very own short film telling you more.

So what next?

The draft Neighbourhood Plan will soon be available for public viewing and to download.
The public consultation will launch on 4th July 2016 and close on 29th August, giving local people the chance to have their say by answering a number of questions relating to policies within the draft plan.
Questionnaires will be available in various locations around Hednesford from 4th July.  There will also be an online version.  We’ll keep you updated from here, on the Hednesford Neighbourhood Plan facebook page and via Hednesford Town Council’s Twitter.