No rise again in council tax for Hednesford

Posted on: Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 In: Council news,Hednesford news

No rise again in council tax for Hednesford

Town councillors have announced for the second year there will be no rise in council tax for Hednesford residents this year – and for some people the amount they pay to the town council will drop.

For Band D property owners, the Hednesford Town Council element of their council tax bill will fall by 2.2%per cent to £26.14 per year – that’s 2p a day for each elector.

This is despite councillors having made ‘difficult decisions’ due to ‘general pressure’ caused by the current economic climate.

Councillor Derek Davis, who chairs the finance committee, said: “The town council, like everyone else, has not been immune to increasing costs but due to careful financial management we have been able to avoid any increase in the precept which will remain at £137,500 for 2019-20.”

He said money raised by the Hednesford element of council tax – known as the precept – would go to support important community services.

He said: “Following on from the most successful community Christmas event in 2018 the town council is determined to ensure that this continues in the future and has, once again, agreed to meet the cost of the illuminations in 2019. As well as this the town council will be providing funding for the annual summer festival.”

“The improved and extended Pye Green community centre will continue to be maintained to provide a first rate venue for seminars and conferences, training events, dance groups, keep fit, martial arts, social dances, mothers and toddlers groups and a number of health services such as the baby clinic. The function room with fully licensed bar remains a popular choice for private parties.”

“The town council will also be supporting Citizen’s Advice who have an outreach each Thursday morning at the Centre. Indeed we are hoping to extend the service from April 2019 due to the high demand from residents.”

“Funding to assist several local organisations will be possible to strengthen community links through voluntary groups which the town council supports.”

“We continue to see improvements in Hednesford town centre. The town remains unique in that it is the only one in the area that has free car parking. This is only possible because the town council pays £23,000a year for town centre CCTV which provides added safety and security for residents and visitors.”

Cllr Sheila Cartwright added: “I am pleased that the town council is going to be able to provide the festive lights again next year. With so many new residents moving in to the area it is important that community events are supported and that’s why it’s great the town council has been able to find £3,000 towards the cost of putting on the summer festival”