Have your say on the future of Hednesford

Posted on: Sunday, December 1st, 2019 In: Uncategorized

Have your say on the future of Hednesford

Residents from across Hednesford are being asked for their say on the future of the town.

In preparation for the Commonwealth Games in 2022, Hednesford Town Council is asking residents to outline what their priorities are for the town.

The survey which has so far received more than sixty responses also outlines suggested improvements including a railway building and shelter at the station, art projects and sculptures and cycle storage.

Responses will be used to shape a vision of the future for Hednesford at the January town council meeting.

Hednesford Town Council currently operates on a budget of £2 per month per household, or £26.14 per year.

The council has enough funds to operate as a council and support a grant to the Citizens Advice Bureau, contribute to the town CCTV, distribute grants to community groups and subsidise the losses incurred by running the community centre.

Major improvements, such as those outlined could be achieved with little a small addition to monthly council tax bills. The survey responses will directly contribute to the decisions regarding any increase and which priorities should be pursued by the Town Council on behalf of the community

Chairman of the Council Cllr Paul Woodhead said “We really do need all Hednesford residents to tell us how best they would like us to shape the town for the next few years.

“The Town Council exists to serve its residents and we are keen to ensure that this service is focused on the priorities our community tells us are important. Our community is brilliant, inventive and full of ideas, please share them to help build a future Hednesford to be proud of.”

The survey can be found on the Town Council website and directly at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2RTWLBN. The deadline for entries is Tuesday 31st December 2019 and the results of the survey will be discussed at the Town council meeting 7pm Tuesday 7th January Pye Green Community Centre.