Candidates for Pye Green Ward By-Election Announced

Posted on: Friday, May 17th, 2024 In: Uncategorized

Candidates for Pye Green Ward By-Election Announced

3 candidates have been announced for the By-Election set to take place in Pye Green Ward on Thursday 13th June 2024. Residents living in Pye Green will be receiving their polling cards through their doors starting from next week and the town council urge all residents eligible to vote to come out on the day and have their say.

A spokesperson for Hednesford Town Council said “The By-Election was called following the request of local residents who wanted to, quite rightly, have a say in which Councillor will represent their voice and their community of Pye Green. It is set to cost the town council, and therefore the residents of Hednesford, in excess of £5,000 so it is important that the residents do not waste that vote and ensure that they attend the polling station on the day and mark their X against their preferred candidate”.

Turn out for the recent District elections was disappointing at just 25% of the eligible electorate voting within the Pye Green District Ward and it is hoped that all eligible voters for the Hednesford Town Council candidate will ensure they make their voices heard. “if residents do not vote then they are doing themselves a disservice, especially if they have issues or concerns or wants and needs for their community. A local Councillor acts as the advocate for the community and it is important that the residents have their say in who that will be. If you don’t vote then you have no remit to complain”

Details on how to vote – including by post – will be detailed on the polling card