Speed Indicator Devices

Posted on: Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 In: Uncategorized

Speed Indicator Devices

We have two new speed indicator devices each on Limepit Lane and Pye Green Road to help reduce the driving speeds and improve health and safety in the area.

Limepit lane currently has a stretch of road which is set at the national speed limit, which the Town Council along with local residents are currently campaigning to get this reduced to 40mph and a commitment to get this resolved is supported by the County Council

Councillor Emma Hunneyball, Principal Speaker for New Estates, has said that this is a good start to help reduce speed on Limepit Lane and Pye Green Road which seem to be where the most speeding is occurring.  With the indicators displaying the speeds we are hoping that this will be a good prompt for motorists to pay more attention to their speed. Once lockdown has eased, we will also be back out on community speed watch too to try and reduce the speeding in our area.

The devices were purchased with a grant through the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership and the poles purchased through the highways fund of our County Councillors

We have received good feedback regarding this from our residents and look forward to making more improvements to Hednesford in the coming months.