19 May 2015 – Annual Council Meeting

New appointments

Alan Pearson

Brian Gamble

Finance & General Purposes Committee
Chairman – Cllr. D J Davis
Vice-Chairman – Cllr C Mitchell
All other members of the Council

Audit, Grants & Standards Committee
Chairman – Cllr Mrs S Cartwright
Vice-Chairman – Cllr Mrs D Grice, Cllrs. G Adamson, B Gamble, B Hardman, Mrs S Hardman and A Pearson

Pye Green Community Centre Management Committee
Chairman – Cllr. Mrs S Cartwright
Vice-Chairman – Cllr. Mrs D Grice, Cllrs. D J Davis, B Gamble, B Harding, A Pearson, Mrs L Whitehouse and representatives of users of the Community Centre

Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group
Chairman – Cllr B Gamble
Vice- Chairman – Cllr C Mitchell, Cllrs Mrs D Grice, B Hardman, A Pearson and Mrs L Whitehouse

Appointment of Principal Speakers

Planning & Economic Development – Cllr B Gamble and Cllr D Grice (Deputy)
Heritage – Cllr D J Davis
Education & Youth Provision – Cllr A Pearson
Transportation (including Highways) – Cllr C Mitchell
Promotion/Publicity & Communications – Cllr Mrs S Cartwright
Culture & Leisure – Cllr G Adamson

Agenda and minutes

Agenda – click here to download

Agenda papers – pages 1-7
Agenda papers – pages 8-9
Agenda papers – pages 10-11
Agenda papers – pages 12-13
Agenda papers – pages 14-29
Agenda papers – pages 30-32
Agenda papers – pages 33-42
Agenda papers – pages 43-45
Agenda papers – pages 46-49
Agenda papers – pages 50-69
Agenda papers – pages 70-71
Agenda papers – pages 72-73

Minutes – click here to download